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Paw & Claw Integrity

Pets too need good health condition. Pets need healthy Claws and Paws. These body parts help pets feel and sense their surroundings. The paws have pads that act as a shock absorbent. Pets need healthy paws and claws. You have to feed them with the right type of nutrition.

If your pet is not getting well balanced nutritional diet, then paw pads get affected. To help maintain healthy paws and pads, you have to feed your pet with the best nutrition. Dog Paw Pads need vitamins, biotin, and other nutrients in the right proportion.



The paw has very delicate skin. The skin texture in the paws differs from the entire body skin texture. It lacks fur and hair. The padding part is slightly thick. It has to be maintained soft and moistened. It offers flexibility for pet needs.

With time and usage, pads lose their natural texture. You have to treat dry dog paw pads for microbes like yeast and bacteria. Dry pads can develop inflammation like feeling. It makes the pet feel uncomfortable. He may not walk comfortably.

If this happens, your pet animal gets more inactive. Over time, the pet may gain excess body weight as well. Treat it before this happens.



Pet claws are different as compared to humans. The skin layer is more modified. It is useful for regular activities like catching prey, climbing, scratching, and gripping.

The right care is important. Select quality food from Feeding Pets online. Select essential nutrients. This is important so cracks and infections don’t develop.

Right nutrient selection can help skin and claws maintain a soft texture. Make a wise selection of nutrients for your pet.



If the claw is dry, it can lead to infection. This is because of the lack of Keratinisation. Dog and cat paw pads need sufficient Keratinisation.

You have to include other nutrients like Vitamin A, Zinc, and biotin in the regular diet. Lack of these nutrients can lead to a deficiency disease. The condition gets chronic, if not addressed on time. Feed the right nutrients.

For your pet’s skin, Omega 3 Fatty acid is essential. It helps maintain soft and flexible claw and paw skin. It prevents infection from developing at any age.



If you are concerned about dog paw pads vitamins A & E play a major role. Both are soluble types and act as an antioxidant. It helps in neutralizing the damaged tissues and membrane of the cells. It helps in reducing inflammation in and around the paw region. It also maintains body temperature in these parts. The pet dog does not feel irritated and chew the paws, very often.

Vitamin A is also essential for Keratinisation. The deficiency of this vitamin leads to the shedding of paw scales. Paw may develop an infection at any age.

Try and include the right proportion of this vitamin in the regular diet of the pet. It helps retain skin texture in the paw region.



When buying pet food from Feeding Pets always check for Omega-3 fatty acid. Fish is the main source of this ingredient. It offers anti-inflammatory action.

The ingredient is absorbed by the cell membrane it offers flexibility and strength. It is best to treat dry dog paw pads. It helps repair worn out pads for your pet.

It also helps in regulating cholesterol. It offers the skin a protective coating. You have to select pet food that is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acid. This is beneficial for your pet.



Biotin nutrient is only required in small amounts for your pet. It helps in the keratinization of the skin.



For dog and cat paw pads zinc is essential. It helps speed up the metabolic process. The right percentage of zinc will help maintain lipids and protein count in the body. It is a key ingredient.

The deficiency of this ingredient will affect the metabolism. It affects the production of Vitamin A as well in the body. Include more zinc for boosting pets' immunity. It helps epidermal integrity as well. For improving skin texture, zinc is an essential ingredient.

As per expert studies, zinc is important to include in pet food. It is best for cats and dogs. It is an important supplement for your pet animal.