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Our Nutrational Facts

Our Nutrition Philosophy

A healthy lifestyle requires a better nutrition.

For pets a healthy life means unrestricted mobility, well management of energy levels, maintenance of a stable immune system, support of cognitive alertness and visual performance.

Cats and dogs that are active during their whole lives need a healthy diet so that their bodies can function ideally.

What are required for pets to run, jump, play or hunt as they wish are energy, joints functioning completely, optimum muscle performance, cardiovascular endurance, an acute mind and healthy paw pads.

All these are physical properties for pets to feel well.


There are a number of physical attributes that we can see in our dogs and cats that indicate their health status and breed. A beautiful, quality fur which is the most important one among them usually means that the pet is healthy. SKIN & FUR Many...

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It is a well-known fact that the incidence of excessive weight and obesity are increasing rapidly in the human population, fuelled by high calorie foods and snacks and a reduction in energy expenditure. Over the past 10-15 years the same trend has be...

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As our pets enter the outside world they become exposed to a wide range of new threats of disease and infection. Socialising with other animals and encountering foreign substances challenge the immune system but also educate it. Vaccines and therapeu...

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Dental care and hygiene has become one of the main focusses for veterinary and nutritional professionals over the past 20 years. For pet parents, periodontal disease is one of the most obvious early indications of health problems. In fact, 70% of cat...

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The health of our pets’ feet is also very important. Every day they are not just used for traction and grip, but also for sensing their surroundings, providing impact resistance, and for maintenance of body temperature. A significant amount of...

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For dogs and cats a lack of exercise can lead to numerous other health issues, and so the more active we can maintain our pets, the healthier they will be. If we provide our pet friends to be active by supplying them foods that contain the right nutr...

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Vitamins are essential organic nutrients that Their discovery and understanding of their functions is one of the major achievements in nutrition over the past decade and have led to huge advances in health and longevity. Vitamins are essential for gr...

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Whether hunting, climbing, or just playing, our pets rely greatly on good vision in order to fulfil active and enjoyable lives. Whilst, as owners, we can often detect deterioration in other senses, such as hearing, it is difficult for us to determine...

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Pets’ life span has been continuously increasing over the past years. Advanced age in dogs is frequently associated with memory loss and decline of physical vitality. As their loyal friends age, dog owners witness them being less dynamic, less prompt...

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