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Oral Care

Pet oral care is important because by giving smart oral care, you will eliminate dental pain, teeth loss, other medical conditions arising out of bad oral health and oral hygiene of your pets should be one of the pet care agendas of yours.

There are various pet oral care products available for you here at our stress, you can get a toothbrush, pastes, oral care chewable, rinse and more, we have all the major pet oral care brands available with us and you are going to get the best Dogs Dental Care Products here at Feeding Pets at the best rates.


When it comes to Dogs Oral Care products, we have the right products that include tasty treats, chewable and more the range of oral care products that you get here is just limitless. We have products form TropiClean, LOGIC, ProDen and more that you can choose from.

You can have water additive Dogs Oral Care, tooth De-scaler Dental scarper, Anti-plaque solutions and more, which means you will get what your dogs and pets would like, we know certain pets prefer a certain type of products and we have products for your pets. You can experiment with new products if you like, the crux of the matter is that you have unlimited choices here at our store.



Plaques are substances that your pets' teeth accumulate after they eat, these are residues, which will later turn into calculus or commonly known as tarter, these accumulated tarter can harm your pets’ oral hygiene and overall health.

You can get our Dogs Dental Care Products to remove plaque; you can get water additive anti-plaque products, beef-flavored toothpaste, ProDen anti-plaque powder, and more. We have a list of brands for pet oral care products and all you need to do is to have a look at what is new in the market and choose the right Dogs Dental Care products for your dogs and cats, we have tried to make use that you have all the new things that are available in the market for your pets so that you are not devoid of innovative products that are available in the market.


As your pets age, there are many health issues that would surface but you can ensure a healthy life of your pet by getting the best vitamins, supplements, and minerals that we have in our store for your pets.

Obesity is one of the difficult issues to manage with pets but with our best weight management wet food, you can have your pets maintain their weight, we have weight management foods from various well known and top of the mind brands.

You can get minerals and supplements for all your pets that includes cats, dogs, adult dogs, kittens and small puppies, we are sure that has food and supplements for all kinds and sizes of pets.

Apart from weight management food, we also offer Dogs Dental Care Products, the crux of the matter is that you will get products from a wide range of brands and companies, all you have to do is to look at our product categories and order the right ones.


The most important thing to keep your pets healthy would be to have a good nutritional strategy and that primarily includes food and you can get them here at our store.

We have all natural food, we also have grain-free food, hypo-allergenic food, and dry pet food, wet cat food, and more, the crux of the matter is that you are going to find food form all brands that include Arden grange, Lilly’s Kitchen, and Royal Canin and more for your pets.

Whether you are looking for Dogs Oral Care, dry food, weight management food, anti-plaque spray, water addit8ve anti-plaque products or powder-based anti-plaque product, you just have come to the right place because here at Feeding Pets, you have every possible pet supply that you need and would need in future because we extend our inventory always.