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Health of Skin & Fur



There are a number of physical attributes that we can see in our dogs and cats that indicate their health status and breed. A beautiful, quality fur which is the most important one among them usually means that the pet is healthy.



Our range of products at Feeding Pets ensure growth of healthy skin and coat. The recipes are formulated to reduce allergy and maintain the overall quality of skin. The lack of proper nutrition shows visible signs of bad skin and fur coat. 



The skin forms the first line of defense and protects the internal organs from pathogens and external environment conditions. The skin and fur supplement dogs and cats helps in improving the skin and its growth. The quality of the skin helps in maintaining the metabolic balance, boost immunity and even regulates temperature. The skin and hair coat helps in monitoring external conditions, reduce fluctuation in body temperature and hence acts as largest sensory organ. As sensory organ, it reacts to a number of sensation and helps in perceiving sensory reactions like cold, vibration, pressure, heat, cold etc. 

The skin is the outermost layer, and this is responsible for covering all the internal organs, muscles, and the skeleton structure of the dog. The skin consists of two layers which are epidermis and dermis. The epidermis is the outer layer which is made of keratinized cells and it consists of brown pigments. The inner layer which is the dermis is made of connective tissue containing blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles etc. The skin even protects from trauma, microbial invasion and it helps in regulation of the vitamin D synthesis. 


The fur or hair coat is a significant part, and it helps with insulation. The good cat food for skin and fur enriched with omega-3-fatty acids, vitamins and minerals helps with health and smooth fur coat. The fur is an important part as it protects the pet from extreme cold in winter. 

The fur present on the dog or cat is of three types. The first is the guard hair and it is the most common which is present as protective layer. It is rough and coarse. The secondary hair ensures better insulation and repel water and is thinner. The finest layer of fur is close to skin and helps with insulation.


Both the skin and fur require a range of nutrients to maintain their health and function.



Zinc is an important skin and fur supplement dogs which helps in treating skin irritation and scratching. It helps with the production of fatty acid and plays an important role in synthesis of protein. It helps in improving the overall health of the skin and increases the quality of the fur. The zinc is easy to digest, improves the development of the skin cells. The zinc supplements helps in boosting the immune system, improve cardiovascular system, boost digestive system and healing from skin disorders. 


The copper supplements from Feeding Pets helps in improving bone health. It helps in increasing the content of connective tissues, myelin, and collagen. It helps in even protecting the nerves. Copper helps in increasing the absorption of iron and hence it even helps with the increased production of Red Blood Cells.



The Vitamin A is important which helps in building the tissues of the body. A supplement rich in Vitamin A prevents skin and fur peeling cat. It improves the quality of fur coat, reduces itchiness, and even helps with enhancing the function of the liver and kidney. It helps in even treating liver issues.

The Vitamin E is an important supplement and acts as an antioxidant. It even protects the cell membranes from reactive oxygen species and hence reduces damage to cells and skin. As it is a vital anti-oxidant, it boost the immune system. It helps in protecting the dog from cold weather and prevent muscle mass.


The Biotin in dogs and cats is an important vitamin and is known to treat different types of allergic reactions. It is a water soluble vitamin which helps in treating different types of conditions. The supplement helps in better health of dog and cat and even helps with the maintenance of healthy gut microflora. It helps with the synthesis of keratin and hence helps with treatment of different types of skin disorders like pigmentation, dermatitis, and alopecia. The biotin supplement is known to promote health skin and prevent skin and fur peeling cat.



The supplements rich in omega-3 oils which is good for the skin and fur of the cat and dog. The good cat food for skin and fur has supplements rich in omega-3-fatty acid and oil. The skin tends to get itchy and loses its vitality due to weather condition. The supplements with omega 3 oil helps in giving a fuller, high-quality, and shiny coat. It even stimulates and regulation the production of sebum which gives the skin a healthy growth and development. It even reduces or suppresses the inflammation and skin reactions.