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FAQ - Dog Food Grain Free | Pet Food Supply | Pet Feed Store

What Is the Best Cat or Dog Food to Feed My Pet?

Feeding Pets stands for quality and conscious nutrition. We ensure that our products are natural and of premium quality. However, we can't provide you with a universal healthy diet for any pet. To select the best dog food UK, you need to make up your pet's profile with their age, breed, activities, eating habits, current diseases, and other factors influencing the recommended amounts of nutrients and vitamins.

Why is the Age Factor So Important?

Dogs at a different age need different types of food nutrients. The right selection is important for the wellness of the pet dog. You have to consider the food that is appropriate for your dog for a particular age. Based on the age, you need to select vitamins, calories, and other essentials. Right food prevents health issues. It also ensures your pet dog is never over or underweight. You can search for dog food grain free online.

When Should I Switch from Kitten or Puppy Food to Dog or Cat Food?

You should feed kittens a kitten diet until they turn one. The same rule works for small and medium breed puppies - a puppy diet till one year of age.

Large breed puppies require a more specific diet for the same or a bit more prolonged period.