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When choosing dog food brands UK, opt for the highest quality and natural ingredients. Feeding Pets' experts want to give a brief review of the dog food brands best choices sold in our store. 


The most important factor for your dog's health, well-being, and longevity is proper nutrition. Dogs' healthy lifestyles are very active, and you need to ensure that their diet includes balanced nutrients for their bodies to function ideally.

The availability of a wide variety of dog food brands UK appears to be both good and bad. With this choice and scientific progress, dog owners can find anything they need - for the most specific needs and tastes. However, it can be tricky to choose the right products to create a balanced ration on your own. That's why you need to find the dog food brands best for your pet at a reputable dog store like Feeding Pets.


All brands sold in our store share the same nutrition philosophy promoting and maintaining overall dogs' health, particularly: 

  • healthy skin and fur/hair
  • weight control
  • immune system boost
  • oral care
  • paws to claws care
  • strong bones, muscles, and joints
  • optimum vitamin and mineral nutrition
  • vision health
  • cognitive health

Choosing any from the dog food brands comparison list given below, you can be sure that they take care of all the aspects mentioned. 



Our dog food brands best options start from BonaCibo. Their dog food is formulated by the team of the world's foremost nutritionists aiming to satisfy the tastes and needs of dogs and puppies. Professional experience and natural ingredients helped them achieve the best results. With this dog food, your pet will look and feel better and happier.

Based on tastes and specific needs, dog owners can choose from such a range:

  • Bonacibo Puppy, Bonacibo Puppy Lamb & Rice - for up to 12-year-old puppies of all breeds, hypoallergenic, focused on healthy growth;
  • Bonacibo Puppy High Energy - for very active puppies;
  • Bonacibo Adult Dog, Bonacibo Adult Dog Lamb & Rice - suitable for dogs of all breeds, formulated to sustain good life standards, maximise health and immunity;
  • Bonacibo Adult Dog High Energy - for very active dogs of all breeds;
  • Bonacibo Adult Dog Form - for senior (9+) and overweight dogs, for healthy and effective weight management.


Kucho is one of the dog food brands best options for adult dogs. Their dog food's formula is developed by leading pet nutritionists. Kucho strives to guarantee the maximum quality of natural ingredients. The optimum nutritional balance contributes to strong bone and joint development, healthy digestion, strong muscle structure, tartar control and oral care, advanced immune system, and brain development. The dog food by this brand is available in two options - Chicken with Tavuklu Rice and Lamb with Kuzulu Rice. 


Kennel is a brand of high quality dog food at the most affordable price. The dog food contains highly nutritional raw materials. The health aspects this food promotes the most include joint functioning, coat care, and a healthy digestive system.


Don't limit your chances to find the best for your pet by going to the nearest shop. Opt for a reliable online store with an extended range of premium quality dog food at reasonable prices. You can order it 24/7 from the comfort of your home, from the office or any other place suitable for online shopping.

You can trust Feeding Pets with the dog food delivery and be sure that your pet will timely get an optimum balanced diet. With our help, dogs live healthier, happier, and longer.