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Feeding Pets promotes smart nutrition philosophy, but we also never forget about other aspects of a pet's life - socialisation, active lifestyle, safety and much more. In this blog post, we'll talk about choosing dog and cat collars online.


The main reason for buying dog or cat collars is safety. First, the collar has to be safe for your pet - of the right size (not too tight, not too loose), with safe materials, and other safety benefits. On the other hand, especially combined with an ID tag or other additions of this kind (GPS trackers, etc.), it's a practical way for other people to identify it as a pet, not a stray, and for you to find your cat if they're lost. And finally, a collar with a leash or a harness serves to keep other people and animals safe from your curious or somewhat aggressive pet cat or dog. This combination (collar+leash) may also help prevent losing your pet.

Dog collars are very common as outdoor activities are usual things for dogs and their owners. Apart from a collar, you can find matching leashes and harnesses as well as trendy ID tags. As for cat collars, it depends on the role of the outer environment in their life. Cat collars are necessary for outdoor and indoor-outdoor pet cats. And cat owners can find the most incredible range if they search for cat collars online. Check out the cutest cat collars by Cool Cat Collars, top-tier durable, secure & reflective dog collars by Rufflewear, and so many other options in the UK or worldwide.


Size is what really matters for advanced comfort and safety. If you buy cat collars online, the website page with the desired product can give you accurate instructions. A flexible tape will help you measure your pet for a new collar. If not, follow the universal tip that you can fit two fingers beneath the collar after tightening. And make sure that returns are available in case of your poor choice. And don't forget to check the fit every now and then as the material can stretch with time.


Dog and cat collars fall into groups based on their material, function, style, and other features. The main benefit of buying dog or cat collars online is that you can find any type you wish and discover many more valuable ideas.

Here are the main types of collars:

  • traditional buckle collar - typically a nylon fabric collar with a buckle for clipping and releasing easily and fast;
  • leather, nylon, or other collar made of safe and durable material;
  • breakaway collar - breakaway safety buckle releases when extra pressure is applied, and there is a risk of choking;
  • reflective/light-up/LED collar - for you, other people, and drivers to see the animal;
  • training collars - to train your dog comfortably and efficiently.


Don't forget that dog and cat collars are about safety more than other functions - safety for your pet, you, and others. You can buy cat collars online only in case you're sure about this aspect of the dog or cat collars online options you found. The best collar is 100% safe and provides you and your pet with maximum benefits - comfort, durability, quality, and more.

Safety. The first and the main purpose of a dog or cat collar is to protect your pet.

Comfort. Speaking about comfort, we primarily mean the one of your pet and you. Your pet should feel comfortable in a collar of the right size, high quality, and safe materials. And there are other benefits pets, and their owners get.

Durability. A dog or cat collar should successfully serve its purpose for some period of time.

Look. If the criteria above are satisfied, the last factor influencing your choice may be style, colour and other visual peculiarities. 

So, take care of your pet's proper nutrition and safe active lifestyle. Keep your pet safe and healthy to enjoy a long and happy life together!