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2 Tips To Feed Your Kitten With Formula

Cats are only vulnerable when they are in their kitten stage and they do not have their teeth or claws to protect themselves. Also, because they are born exceptionally tiny, they are very tender and delicate till a few months after they are born. This calls for undivided attention to all the litter in the, no matter if the mother is present or not. You will need to personally feed the kittens with the best kitten food that you can buy in bulk. This will help you in protecting the entire litter because the mother may get exhausted and may not be able to feed all her babies equally all the time. 

However, before you take on the responsibility of a foster mother, it is important that you know about the diet of kittens and buy the best formula milk and food for them. Also, feeding kittens is not that easy because there is a right time and the right proportion of formula for every different age group. So if you are new fostering some kittens, here are 2 tips that will help you in feeding your kitten with formula:

1. Prepare the milk

Before you try feeding your kittens, it is important that you prepare the milk bottle and make it drinkable for them. It is important that the milk is 100% clump free and it is completely liquid form at the perfect thickness. If it is not so, the feeding time could turn disastrous. So, you can slowly add formula powder to the lukewarm water and get it mixed with the help of a grinder. It will mix the powder evenly, however, you need to keep it away for few minutes so that the froth formed settles down. 

2. Maintain the safe posture

When buying the kitten food in bulk, you need to also learn about the safe posture of feeding the kittens. At times, the store from where you are buying the formula can help you but you can also ask your veterinarian. At all feeding times, you need to hold your kitten with one hand under its belly so that its entire weight is upon your palm. Then you can start feeding with the other hand slowly. This will help it breathe when drinking the formula.

You will find a lot of options on kitten milk bottles in your nearest pet store which will make the job easier. If your kittens are a little older in age, you should buy the best cat food for your kittens today!

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